Tuesday 27 April 2021

Track Building Continues

With a new delivery of rails and sleepers from Wenz Modell in Germany I have switched from working with white glue and kitchen rags to preparing track bed and setting out curves. Next stage of my track building is the sharp curve on the gradient towards the loading ramp for lorries.

Testing in progress. Lister-loco having pushed two skips up the gradient and through the curve to the soon to be built wooden ramp.

To make sure my mediocre surveyor skills would result in a nice curve, I tested the laid out curve with a Peco track panel. It turned out that the curve was laid out with the sensible margins appropriate for an industrial railway. I then cut cork underlay and glued it down on the foam foundation. Two newly delivered Code 143 rails have been bent to the right radius and sleepers are being prepared.

During construction of the track, all traffic is somewhat hampered and a lot of communication is necessary to make everything run smoothly. 

While track building at Nystrup Gravel is a very quiet thing, I recently visited a site, where the sound levels were quite different. Here sleepers are being exchanged in track running near the end of one of the runways at Copenhagen Airport (CPH).

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