Tuesday 9 February 2021

Track Plan

Despite having had two posts lately about my track building, I haven't revealed the track plan for my small Nystrup Gravel layout. 1/19 scale requires a lot of space and consequently the track plan is extremely simple.

A simple pencilled sketch of the track plan with a few major objects inserted.

The line from the gravel pits enter at right. Loaded trains are taken through the relief building to be emptied, the gravel sorted and treated. Gravel for lorry transport is taken by skips to the loading ramp. As the layout is currently positioned, running will only be possible on the visible tracks as there is no room for fiddle yard tracks in either end of the module. In the future a move to another room in the house may be a possibility, and that will enable both enlargement of the layout and installing fiddle yards.

Back in 2019 I published a hand drawn map of the Nystrup Gravel lines from the gravel sorting facility in Nystrup to pits located to the east of the town. The map may help to get an idea of the scale and operation of the gravel line.

The track plan is a destilate of the real Nystrup Gravel facility in Nystrup. It too was streched out over some distance with the lorry loading ramp at an angle. I will never be able to recreate the number of tracks and every building from the prototype in 1/19 scale. A few tracks and some structures are fine, though. I've never been a fast modeller, and having a large layout has never appealed to me.

Here is a photo of the layout in its current state. It should help to interpret the track plan.

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