Friday 29 March 2019

Lister Construction Continues

Despite no news for a while, I continue to make progress on the Lister  Rail Tractor. I have been fitting bolt heads, an assortment of small brackets and gear box details.

In addition, the parts needed to finish a running model locomotive is finally on their way to Denmark. Due to unfortunate delays in production of some of the electronic components the wait has been quite long. But then again, I would have been too busy with other things to use them even if they had arrived earlier.

Having studied drawings and prototype information I decided to completely sand away any bolt heads on the side frames. I should have done so while the frame was still unassembled. New bolt heads were fitted according to drawings and photos. I used sliced hexagonal plastic lengths picked up by the tip of a sharp knife blade, carefully dipped in a pool of AC-glue and placed on the model. I had marked up each bolt head's position with pencil in advance. Additional bolts were placed on the end frames and top corner reinforcements.
All details sanded off one of the frame profile.

Bolt imitations glued on with AC-glue.
The top of the bonnet was supplied in the kit as two white metal parts. As I had narrowed the bonnet slightly and as white metal parts were very thick and clumsy, I replaced them with a homemade part cut from nickel silver sheet. I bent the rather hard nickel silver over a former made from wood and the kit parts. I made a few dents in the bonnet as on the Dutch Lister I use as inspiration for my model.
The bonnet during construction. I still need to figure out how to mount oil and petrol tank. The floor is drilled to take a SPDT switch and recharge socket.

Current status on my first 16 mm scale locomotive. 

...and a look at the Dutch Lister that serves as inspiration. My model will not be a scale model of this prototype, but share some of its distinguishing features. Photo: Arnound Bongaards.

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