Wednesday 5 November 2014

Getting Ready for the Gauge 1 Exhibition (1/35)

Having done many of the small tasks on my little railway that I have been neglecting for long, I'm now almost ready to take part in the premier exhibition for model railways in 1:32 scale in Denmark. In two weeks Nystrup Gravel will be located on the island of Fyn.

A snapshot from above showing the small stream where I hope to pour 'water' before the exhibition. While grass and plants have been spreading there is still a lot of room for progress. First of all the sharp borders between the different colours of grass needs fading.  
Some would say that exhibiting a little industrial narrow gauge line in 1:35 scale at a Gauge 1-exhibition where it's all standard gauge stuff running on modules devoid of any landscape is a little odd. I don't agree. I like to show what can be done in a comparatively small space, and have had quite favourable feedback from fellow exhibitors and visitors. And from what I know there will be several nicely landscaped Gauge 1-modules at the exhibition this year.

I couldn't resist putting a few of my new skips on the track. They aren't coupled though, something the observant reader will notice at once. Seen from this perspective there is no need to pour water into the stream...
At the exhibition in 2012 a friend of mine with narrow gauge interest supplied three modules to add to the operational interest of my modules. We'll be teaming up again this year. He and his wife have been landscaping the modules during the last few weeks - in addition to working on their primary standard gauge modules.

Ground cover almost complete on one of my friend's modules. Lots of stuff can still be added, but a huge progress from how the modules looked at the last exhibition where my friend called his modules 'The Barren Ground'. Photo: Arne Nielsen.
I'm looking forward to some interesting days. Should you happen to drop by Rolfhallen in Rolfsted south of Odense please visit me and Nystrup Gravel to say hello. I'm located in the hall opposite the restaurant.

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