Monday 11 November 2013

Playing With Track Panels

This weekend I got to play with track panels. Not the 1:32 track panels I bought from James Coldicott, but 1:1 scale track panels with 7 kg/m rail in the gauges of 700 and 600 mm. On the heritage railway where I work as a volunteer, we are currently laying track in a large shed to house all the locos and rolling stock that isn't yet servicable. To maximise use of the building we lay the tracks close, and as the tracks isn't subject to much stress, we chose to use some old track panels.

Three weeks ago we picked out a number of track panels from storage. Itself not an easy task as trees and shrubbery during the years had shot up among the panels.

Loading track panels from the HVB storage facility at km. 1,5. After having chopped down a few trees the excavator could get to the 700 mm. panels having been in storage for more than 20 years.
Laying of track panels is easy and if our panels hadn't been old, a bit croocked and in need of a new sleeper or two, the work would have been no match for our experienced team.

One track is finished, one track is being adjusted while the third track is being assmbled. All with a gauge of 700 mm. Great to work indoor as it was raining cats and dogs outside!

Two tracks are finished. Gravel is poured in the third while the first 600 mm panel is already laid. To the right the laser we use to make sure the tracks are level and to the right height. In the background the excavator is loading a skip with gravel. Just because we like old technology we shouldn't avoid modern blessings that can help us.

3 tracks with 700 mm. gauge and one with 600 mm. gauge in place in the shed. In front is the traverser giving access to the depot tracks. Two more tracks will fill the empty foreground and provide more room for the railway's rolling stock. 

Among our supplies of 600 mm. gauge track panels we found these. They look quite different from what we are used to see in our stacks. From a search through my books and materials, I think they bear a strong resemblance to the French army standard track panel from World War 1. It just seems very unlikely that track from French army stocks should come to Denmark and would be so well preserved 100 years later? Please leave a comment if you recognise the type of track.


  1. Can't help with the track panels , but can say I envy you your big train set .

  2. The sleepers on the panels to the right look like those sold by Hudsons, of Leeds, England. Similar track is available in model form in 1:43 scale from KBscale, England.

    Richard Glover