Sunday 13 May 2012

Chevrolet lorry (1/35)

Back in 2005 I built a Chevrolet lorry from the classic Tamiya ‘Long Range Desert Patrol’-kit. I added a cab from an Italeri GMC 'hard cab' and rear fenders from an Italeri Opel Blitz. I scratch built the cargo area from plastic card and some left over etched parts. I got it primed and painted in the basic colours, but never managed to finish it. The vinyl tires are a weak point in many kits and this model is no exeption. The rear wheel tires were already beginning to fall apart in 2005. This winter I finally had decals made for the lorry and bought replacement resin tires from Armo in Poland.

2005: Lorry kit bash finished.

Lorry as originally painted and assembled. Notice the split rear tyre.
After a much needed dust off, I removed the old wheels and axles from the model. New fixings for the front wheels had to be made as I damaged the old ones beyond repair. I found that parts of the frames had to be repainted as well. I did that while the paint on the tires dried.

The Plus Models cement mixer is in resin with photo etched detail parts.
The lorry will be fitted with a few gas bottles and a cement mixer. The gas bottles are from Danish manufacturer Epokemodeller. They produce a lot of useful accessories in 1:32 that can be used in my scale as well. The cement mixer is from Plus Models.

Next is weathering of tires and wheel wells, fitting of decals and small details.

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