Sunday, 10 August 2014

A New Bedford O - With Trailer

Having had much fun building Roadcraft Models’ 1:35 Bedford O tipper and really fond of the little lorry’s looks, I have acquired another Bedford O – this time with a heavy load trailer. When I will have the time to build the kits remains to be seen... While the trailer isn’t capable of carrying the heaviest of loads it will be sufficient for most normal tasks around Nystrup. My new 1:35 Bedford and trailer are from MMK from the CzechRepublic. I bought my kits directly from the MMK-website and had them on my door step two days later.
The kits comes in solid card board boxes. No damage was found when I checked the parts.
A few parts: Trailer frame, cab and etch for the lorry. As usual for resin kits, there will be a lot of flash to remove.
As the Bedford is pretty much nothing but chassis and cab it could be a good starting point for a conversion if you should want a Bedford O yourself.  Judging from the parts’ quality it shouldn’t be a difficult kit to build.

I’m looking forward having another Bedford for Nystrup. With a trailer it will no doubt make a good stage when photographing a loco or some skips arriving to Nystrup Gravel. I may have to build a stretch of road for photography of road vehicles in the future. There is not much road on my modules and I’m not currently planning for more modules.
The Bedford and trailer will be marked as from a local contractor. When really heavy loads had to be carried, the British trailer wasn’t enough. A phone call to another contractor with more solid equipment was necessary. It is known that Nystrup Gravel sometimes used the services of contractor Hougaard and his old German army tank transporter trailer. 

A cut from an 1950's advert for contractor O. M. Hougaard and his heavy equipment hauling service. Both truck and trailer are probably 'spoils of war' equipment that didn't made it back home to Germany when Denmark was liberated in May 1945. The truck is a Faun ZR and the trailer a Sonderanh√§nger 116. The excavator is most likely a model (L2 or L3?) from Orenstein & Koppel.

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