Monday, 13 January 2014

More From the Archives

I am currently in the midst of several modelling projects that seems to drag me into more work than I had anticipated. While that isn't too bad, as I'm sure they will end up being nice models, it can also be somewhat frustrating not finishing anything for some time. I suppose most of you fellow modellers know the feeling?

Fortunately the old Soennecken binder from Nystrup Gravel is able to supply a little content to the blog while you wait for progress from my work bench. This time I publish an image that I'm convinced isn't from Nystrup Gravel. As far as I know Nystrup never owned a loco like the one in the photo and the skips also look a little too large to fit the types used at Nystrup.

Train of skips on an unknown location in Denmark. The loco was built by the Danish company Kastrup Maskinfabrik. The company's logo can be seen on the radiator screening, while the plate with the works number has obviously been stolen, as it normally had its place above the screening. That the loco is missing any lights could indicate that the image is from Nystrup, as very few of Nystrup's locos were fitted with lights. But all known Nystrup locos were numbered, which points to another location. The size of rail (although difficult to see clearly) also suggest that the photo wasn't taken at Nystrup Gravel. Photo: Achive Nystrup Gravel.
One possible source of the image could be from a series of trips the shop manager of Nystrup, Mr. Thorleif Petersen, made to other gravel industries on the Danish island of Sealand. From a few letters in the binder it seems Mr. Petersen had an interest in locomotives and machines that went far beyond what was needed for his job at Nystrup.

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