Loco no 11

Loco no 11

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Exhibition snap shots

Just a few snap shots from the Gauge 1 exhibition's first day.

A Henschel diesel loco crossing the small stream outside Nystrup. The Henschel was on hire to Nystrup Gravel Ltd. from contractor Arne Nielsen, Langeland.
Nystrup No. 8 with three wooden skips crossing the barren grounds at the (yet) dried out stream.
Broloekke halt on one of the interesting standard gauge modules attending the exhibition. Scale is 1:32.
A standard gauge loco from Danish manufacturer Pedershaab, well known for its narrow gauge locos. Again scale is 1:32. 


  1. Nice pictures.
    (Is it from the exhibition on Fyn?)

    Best regards

    1. Hi Lars
      Yep, it is the Spor 1-Messe in Rolfsted on Fyn. I can see you guys had a great day in Hedeland. Nice work!